Issue 47 (December 2021)

imatge capçalera número 47



20 years of the encyclopaedia anyone can edit: Wikipedia and the pursuit of knowledge equity || María Sefidari
[ Catalan text | Spanish text ]


Wikimedia 2030 movement strategy: How an inclusive open strategy process has placed people at the centre || Marc Miquel Ribé, Kaarel Vaidla, Francesc Fort, Anna Torres
[ Catalan text | English abstract ]

Women journalists in wikipedia: An analysis from a gender perspective || Noemí Morejón Llamas, Desirée Ramos Castro
[ Catalan text | Spanish text | English abstract ]

Bibliometric analysis with Wikidata: The Comunicar case || Ángel Obregón Sierra
[ Catalan text | Spanish text | English abstract ]

'This article is mine': A theoretical framework explanation proposal for editing conflicts in wikipedia || Jesús Tramullas
[ Catalan text | Spanish text | English abstract ]

Provenance of the prints in the library of the Escornalbou Castle-monastery: The marks of ownership of the Eduard Toda collection || Pedro Rueda, Dolors Saumell Calaf
[ Catalan text | Spanish text | English abstract ]

Experiences and analysis

Creation of institutional profiles in Google Scholar: New uses in research libraries || Marta Capdevila Torres
[ Catalan text | Spanish abstract | English abstract ]

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