Deficiencies and problems around the Navarre printing of the 17th century: analysis of the Ensayo de bibliografía of Pérez Goyena

Objective: To analyse the second volume of Pérez Goyena's Ensayo de bibliografía navarra, a compendium of prints published between 1601 and 1700. The work is not without erratas and other shortcomings, and so it needs to be updated with the introduction of new findings.

Methodology: This work explores the bibliographer's method and techniques for studying prints and books in the kingdom of Navarre during the seventeenth century. To do so, a variety of approaches have been applied: for instance, the location and consultation of exemplars in local, provincial and national libraries and digital resources (for foreign libraries), and the study of documents such as trials, notarial protocols and administrative documentation, mostly from the General Archive of Navarre.

Results: Along with new testimonies located in libraries and archives, the study highlights the problems facing the attempts to update the history of books and printing in Navarre in the seventeenth century and prepares the way for future research in this field.