Allà on viuen les etiquetes : l'etiquetatge als blogs de literatura infantil i juvenil<hr />Where the wild things are collared : tagging in blogs on literature for children and young adults<hr />

Objective: This paper analyzes the practice of tagging in blogs that specialize in literature for children and young adults.

Methodology: The researchers examined how tagging was used in a number of blogs addressing different aspects of this literature. The researchers studied a series of variables, including the specific location of the tags, the manner in which they were presented and the types of tag that were most frequently used.

Results: Tagging was found to be an increasingly common practice in such blogs, where it is used to organize content and recover details from the large quantity of information that blogs generate. The paper also makes a series of recommendations about how to use tags more effectively and favour the visibility of the information in this type of blog.