The scientific and technical e-book market in Spain

This paper describes some of the most controversial areas of debate on the subject of the scientific and technical e-book market in Spain: VAT regulations, publisher pricing proposals and the need to use different business models to reach new reader markets. The paper also describes the advantages of the scientific and technical e-book as a resource, arguing that because it constitutes an intangible service that offers a new type of text, it has the potential to be more easily distributed and disseminated worldwide. Finally the paper proposes that the e-book has allowed publishers to adapt to their clients' real needs and to current trends in the acquisition of monographs. Finally, taking all these factors into consideration, the paper provides a general overview of the state of the e-book in Spain.

Citació recomanada

Romero Otero, Irene Sofía; Rodríguez Sánchez, Patricia Jissette (2015). "El llibre electrònic cientificotècnic en el context espanyol". BiD: textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentació, núm. 35 (desembre) . <>. DOI: [Consulta: 21-09-2020].

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