Librarians and teaching innovation : the opportunity provided by the Spanish tutorial system and end-of-degree assignments in bachelor's degrees

The status of academic teaching librarian never has been defined. The success of the academic librarian activity has been conditioned by the collaboration between academic teachers and librarians and by the implications of librarians in academic training innovation projects. Spanish universities are managing the Orientation and Tutorial Action Plan and workshops for training students in order to complete their Final degree projects. That situation represents one opportunity not only for the training of students digital competencies but also for the teaching academic librarian status. They are allied with students. In this article we describe two examples of training planification and intervention of academic librarians of Library of University of Seville, in two Orientation and Tutorial Action Plans, one of them of Facultad de Económicas y Empresariales and another of Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación. The result demonstrates that the integration of digital competencies that academic librarians train in the context of Tutorial Plan, offers many benefits not only for students learning and excellence of academic institution but also for consolidate the status of academic teaching librarian.