Open settings for university libraries and audiovisual environments : the state of the question and a plan for the future

This article examines the current state of our "learning society", which has become consistently characterized by an interest in open access (open science), the exchange and distribution of knowledge, audiovisual multimedia and new trends in technologies and communication in data-related fields in document management in the communication media: transmedia, crossmedia, multiplatforms and multimedia information literacy. The article puts forward a series of proposals by the multimedia documentation service at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, which has been conducting research in this area since 1993. These proposals involve using the university library model Library 2.0 to support university teaching and research by combining this model, which produces, retrieves and disseminates information, with librarians in their new roles as information managers, communicators and curators. To sum up, the article examines the changes that are taking place in access to knowledge, knowledge management, training, documentation services and university research; and it considers how these changes are influencing the area of library and information science.