A critical appraisal of training in knowledge management in degrees in information and documentation in Spain

Objective: To establish whether Spanish universities offer knowledge management as a subject or specialization track in undergraduate or master's degree programmes in information and documentation science. -- Material and methods: We reviewed the curricula of universities with studies in information and documentation science at two different points in time, 2003 and 2013, observing whether the ten-year period between these points led to significant changes in offerings. To complete the picture, we reviewed the same curricula for the academic year 2015-2016. -- Results: Although knowledge management is widely considered important in the disciplinary field of information science, this does not seem to be reflected in the Spanish university system. In that system, subjects dedicated to this organizational philosophy are quite scarce, both in undergraduate and master's programmes. Whether they are training to be librarians, information managers, documentalists or archivists, future professionals in information and documentation in Spain receive hardly any specific training in knowledge management; and when they do, this training is often only optional. The writers conclude that this lack of training can cause students to avoid choosing jobs where knowledge management skills would be required.