Perspectives on open science : examining the state of play at a global level to design a national policy for Columbia

Objective: To review the state of open science at a global level and establish a broad theoretical and conceptual framework with which to make general recommendations (challenges and perspectives) for a national policy on open science in Colombia.

Methodology: A systematic review of the literature from both open and closed sources of information and content analysis to select the most significant contributions and formulate new theoretical and conceptual contributions.

Results: At the general level, it was possible to build a theoretical-conceptual framework to describe open science and identify some challenges and perspectives related to the construction of a national policy on open science. At the specific level, as theoretical and conceptual contributions to designing a policy for open science for Ibero-America and at a global level, the article offers: 1) a comprehensive definition of open science based on authoritative international contributions; 2) an open science taxonomy translated into Spanish; 3) a timeline chronicling open science in the last three decades; and (4) an identification of the status of open science at the level of national policy or specific and prominent cases or projects in some countries.