A bibliometric analysis of scientific production in music education during the period 2007–2016 in journals indexed in JCR

Objective: This paper analyses scientific production in music education during the period 2006–2017 in JCR journals.

Methodology: The researchers conducted a bibliometric analysis of all of the articles indexed in JCR with the descriptor Music Education.

Results: The 447 articles analysed reveal that there has been a considerable increase in production and that this has occurred annually, although it lags behind production in other areas. Most of the studies were conducted by single, occasional authors who had only published one article, and there was a greater presence of women authors. Most of the articles were written in English and addressed music didactics. The articles were rarely or never cited, depending on their age and the number of authors. They were mostly published in journals with a low impact factor, which shows the negligible repercussion of the articles in comparison with other areas of knowledge. The authors consider that there is a need for greater attention to the bibliometrics of production in this area, if it is to be improved.