Resum : un catálogo digital georreferenciado sobre el patrimonio industrial de Cataluña

Objective. The article reviews the contents of, a georeferenced database of Catalonia’s industrial heritage.

Methodology. The article begins by describing the projects conducted to date to retrieve data on Catalonia’s industrial heritage, which have been brought together in the new web portal under the title “Our case studies”. It then describes the structure of the database itself. The information is classified in two tables. The main table contains the basic data identifying each item in the database. The complementary table shows additional information about the item retrieved from various documentary sources, including photographic archives, digital news libraries and bibliographies. All of this information can be seen in the portal’s interactive map, where each item is georeferenced.

Results. The article guides the user through the different sections of the web portal and looks at the opportunity it offers us to participate in developing the database.