Ángela García Rives, or when women arrived in the libraries and archives

Objective: To analyse the academic and professional career of the first woman to join the Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archaeologists: Ángela García Rives.

Methodology: Documentary research based on a systematic and sequential process of collection, selection, organization and analysis of primary and secondary sources on the person under study, drawing on the material available at the Spanish Archive Portal (PARES) and, by extension, from her personal files at the General Archive of the Administration (AGA).

Results: There are numerous records of the achievements of male figures in all professional fields. Efforts are currently being made to put the spotlight on the stories of female lives that have been neglected or disparaged. These biographies are often limited to specific cases that are systematically repeated, thus creating the idea that they are exceptions to the general rule; and in certain areas of knowledge their presence is particularly scarce. Although Ángela García Rives is a historical figure, well known in the area of Library Science and Documentation as the first woman to join the Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archaeologists, the results of our research show that many details regarding her life remain unknown. The main contribution of this study is the compilation and analysis of documentary evidence on her academic and professional career.