Creation of institutional profiles in Google Scholar : New uses in research libraries

Finding personal profiles of researchers online is a very common occurrence, in fact the academic institutions themselves are responsible for promoting their benefits. But creating profiles supports other uses such as the own profile used by journals that want to track the articles they publish there. In libraries of small or medium-sized institutions, institutional profiles are also a very interesting option due to the large number of benefits derived from them, although nowadays it is an unusual fact to find corporate profiles that bring together all the scientific production of institutions. This article presents a case based on the creation of an institutional profile in Google Scholar. The library that carried out the experience belongs to the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi with 316 students, 53 professors and 17 members of administration and services staff. The objective of publicizing this experience is to transmit the benefits of having an institutional profile to help other small or medium libraries that are considering doing so.