Bibliometric analysis with Wikidata : the Comunicar case

Objectives: this study presents a bibliometric analysis carried out after incorporating all the articles of the journal Comunicar in the free database Wikidata. It's a collaboratively edited knowledge base owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, the same organization that provides the cooperative online encyclopedia Wikipedia. After carrying out a thorough analysis of the publications, the objective is to analyze the scientific production of the journal Comunicar over its 27 years of existence (1993–2020), applying various bibliometric indicators and using a free database that any user can access.

Methodology: of a descriptive-retrospective nature, this research analyzed the 62 issues and 1230 articles published in the journal, which were added to the open database Wikidata. Bibliometric indicators of scientific productivity, collaboration, consumption, repercussion and impact were considered, using various free tools to study the information.

Results: remarkable differences were found between two different periods. In the first one, from its foundation until 2009, not all articles included references. The average number of references was not very high, and there was a relatively low collaboration rate. This work has made visible the change experienced by the journal Comunicar from 2010 when it started to appear in the main databases of scientific journals. After carrying out all the analyses, it has been found that the introduction of open bibliographic information can be helpful for bibliometric analysis, with free access to any user.