'Yo creo que El Greco se está 'hasiendo' la 'vistima''. Transmedia and TikTok storytelling at the Prado museum

Objectives: the article seeks to analyze the strategy employed by the Museo del Prado to reach new audiences through its TikTok profile.

Methodology: a double methodology is proposed: on the one hand quantitative, based on the technique of Social Network Analysis (SNA) to measure relationships and flows in the interactions and metrics of users of social networks, and on the other hand qualitative, based on a content analysis of the various videos that the Museo del Prado has uploaded to its TikTok profile.

Results: as a result of the quantitative analysis, we discovered that the Museo del Prado's TikTok profile is one of the largest museum profiles in the world, with several viral videos and hundreds of thousands of interactions. In turn, the qualitative analysis shows us a series of characteristics shared by the profile's videos that can be synthesized into three parameters: pedagogical content, informal tone and images recognizable to the public. Finally, it is revealed that TikTok’s profile follows the strategy of displaying that which is hidden in the museum's exhibitions.