Tools for applying a gender perspective in the public libraries in the region of Barcelona. An open proposal from the Women and LGTBIQ+ Working Group of the ComunitatXBM

The Women and LGTBIQ+ Work Group was created in 2019 to respond to the forecast of an increase in the number of specialized collections on women, feminism and LGTBIQ+ in public libraries. Its first objective was to draw up a document to establish guidelines and to aid the management and creation of new specialized collections on these topics based on the previous experience of several libraries in the library network of the Diputació de Barcelona. The article begins by describing the working group methodology, summarizes the most relevant contents of the resulting Document (published in 2021) and reviews the experiences of the libraries in Vilanova i Geltrú, which have created new specialized centres in accordance with the guidelines. The next section discusses the present and future of the work group, focusing on the second objective: the review of the indexing of the subjects in the collective catalogue in order to find inconsistencies and suggest changes, and the assignment of new subjects to the documents related to the areas of knowledge concerned, in order to make them more accessible. This paper highlights the importance of networking with other libraries and specialized offices, of sharing knowledge and experiences when addressing complex issues, and the need to keep a gender perspective in mind throughout the library and throughout the library system. It also stresses the need for library professionals to receive continuous training in these areas.