Issue 41 (December 2018)



Social Machines and the Internet: What Went Wrong? || David Casacuberta

Artificial intelligence and algorithmic transparency: "it's complicated" || Ramon Sangüesa


The automated description of audiovisual archives: NeuralTalk, a video captioning model applied to the archive of the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation || Virginia Bazán Gil, Ricardo Guerrero Gómez-Olmedo

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A bibliometric analysis of scientific production in music education during the period 2007–2016 in journals indexed in JCR || Diego Calderón Garrido, Josep Gustems Carnicer

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Dispossessing users of their personal data and the issue of privacy in video gaming: the Steam platform, a case in point || Antonio José Planells de la Maza

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Mathew Brady's Daguerreotypes at the Instituto de Valencia de Don Juan || María Olivera Zaldúa, Juan Miguel Sánchez Vigil, Antonia Salvador Benítez

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Culture at the service of the Empire: the use of news items about libraries and book heritage in the Franco regime’s current affairs newsreel "Noticiero Documental" || Antonio-Raúl Fernández-Rincón, Pedro Hellín, José Antonio Gómez Hernández

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Seventeenth-century bookbindings in the Chapter Library of Toledo Cathedral: a documentary analysis of fan motifs || Antonio Carpallo Bautista, Yohana Yessica Flores Hernández

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Balancing the right to be forgotten and freedom of information: conflicting rights in the management of digital newspaper and journal archives || Silvia Martínez Martínez, Elvira García de Torres, Sandra Sanz Martos

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Book Fairs in Catalonia: Historical Note and Attempt at Classification || Cristina Guzmán, Jordi Ardanuy

Experiences and analysis

Outdoor libraries: the stone benches-come-libraries on Barcelona’s Passeig de Sant Joan (1930) || Teresa Mañà

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