Implications of the new practices of publication on digital media for the creation of personal digital storytelling

Objectives: this article studies the informal and everyday narrative practices of teenagers and young people. The aims are to identify where and how they publish stories and what content they publish, and to see how these practices could be used in formal educational activities to create personal digital storytelling (PDS).

Methodology: to achieve the research objectives, a quantitative and descriptive survey study was carried out with a sample of 378 students aged 12 to 22 from Catalonia and Andalusia.

Results: the results allowed us to identify the publication profiles of the participants and helped us elicit four implications of the new publication practices to carry out activities with PDS: 1) the smartphone as a predominant device 2) the mobility and ubiquity of the device can permeate PDS practices, 3) new possibilities of composition of the stories have been identified, adding new layers of meaning and 4) these new publications can help in the selection of topics of PDS.