Issue 33 (December 2014)


Cinema in the digital age || Esteve Riambau


An analysis of the articles published on the work of documentation departments in Spanish television companies (1984–2014) || Lourdes Castillo Blasco, Concha Soler Monreal

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The digital restoration of film || Rossella Catanese

An overview of the international sources of audiovisual content used by Spanish television companies: content, management and rights || Iris López de Solís, María Victoria Nuño Moral, Elena de la Cuadra Colmenares

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Where the wild things are collared: tagging in blogs on literature for children and young adults || Araceli García Rodríguez, Raquel Gómez Díaz, José Antonio Cordón García, Julio Alonso Arévalo

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Trends in the publication of scientific and medical information in the Web 2.0 era || Antonio González Pacanowski, Pablo Medina Aguerrebere

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Experiences and analysis

The Filmoteca de Catalunya: conservation and dissemination of film culture || Mariona Bruzzo, Ciro Llueca

A case report on the role of the documentalist in an audiovisual platform: RelTV || Albert Rubio, Javier Guallar

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L'Arxiu de la Paraula: the development of an institutional repository at the Ateneu Barcelonès || Rubén Alcaraz, Sergi Montes, Lluís Vicente, Merche Blanco, Elena Álvaro, Laia Amorós, Pablo Casas, Laura Nieto, Marc Reign

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Using open source software to develop the website of the public library Can Sales (Palma, Majorca) || Ramón Ordóñez Nievas, Mari Carmen Contell Calabuig

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CollectiveAccess: a collections management and presentation system for the digital collections of museums, archives and libraries || Rubén Alcaraz Martínez

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