Issue 38 (June 2017)



Space in the academic library of the 21st century: trends and ideas || Les Watson

Innovative architecture for the contemporary library || Ignasi Bonet Peitx


From enshrinement to dematerialization: the progress of library architecture during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries XX al XXI || Daniel Gil Solés

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The graphic novel in Spanish university library collections || José-Pablo Gallo-León

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Profile and competences of the intelligence analyst in the field of public security || Gemma Hernández Aguilar; Alexandre López-Borrull

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Experiences and analysis

A kitchen in the library: the Espai Cuines del Món at the Biblioteca del Fondo (Santa Coloma de Gramenet) || Mariona Chavarria Domingo

Working with the citizens: planning the new Helsinki Central Library || Tuula Haavisto; Pirjo Lipasti; Antti Sauli

Digital manufacturing and public libraries: the example of the Ateneu de Fabricació and the Montserrat Abelló i Soler Library in Lles Corts, Barcelona || Núria Martínez-Vernis; Neus Montserrat Vintró; Judit Terma Grassa

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New ecosystems in the library of the twenty-first century: a study and proposals for Barcelona’s future Gabriel García Márquez Library || Guillermo Sevillano Bengoechea; Elena Orte Largo

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