Issue 39 (December 2017)



The third sector, ethics and social commitment || Lluís Toledano Gaju

From Post-Truth to Post-Ethics || Salvador Alsius


A Not-So-Brief Account of Current Information Ethics: The Ethics of Ignorance, Missing Information, Misinformation, Disinformation and Other Forms of Deception or Incompetence || Thomas J. Froehlich

Authorship disputes in the journals listed in Journal Citation Reports: Ethical guidelines in education journals || Jesús Díaz-Campo; Francisco Segado-Boj

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Professors’ perceptions of university students’ plagiarism: A literature review || Debora Gottardello; Maria del Mar Pàmies; Mireia Valverde

No news on corruption: Journalistic information about corruption in municipal government websites || Juan Luis Manfredi-Sánchez; José María Herranz de la Casa; Marta Corcoy Rius; Juan Ignacio Cantero de Julián

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Intellectual Freedom as a Human Right: The Library’s Role in a Democratic Society || Valerie Nye

The ethics of medicines information in the pharmaceutical industry: Recommendations made by the first Spanish good practices guide the "Guía de buenas prácticas de información médica en la industria farmacéutica española" || Mónica Rojo; Elena Guardiola

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Experiences and analysis

Promoting good practices in the UAB’s libraries to avoid plagiarism || Marina Carbonell Ferrando

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Ten proposals to help university students avoid plagiarism || Damià Gil-Cano; Brigit Nonó Rius; Isabel Planas-Campistol

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Ethical issues in social science research: International and Catalan contexts, experience and work protocols with professional teams in the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (Catalan Media Corporation, CCMA) || Pablo Gómez-Domínguez

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Distributed digital preservation: Lessons to be learnt from international projects || David Leija; Miquel Térmens

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