Issue 46 (June 2021)

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Beyond fake news. The anatomy of misinformation || Pere Masip, Antonia Ferrer Sapena


Deficiencies and problems around the Navarre printing of the 17th century: analysis of the Ensayo de bibliografía of Pérez Goyena || Javier Ruiz Astiz
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Promoting participation and active citizenship of young people through the Internet and social networks. An international study || Alexandra Theben, Daniel Aranda Juárez, Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva, Ismael Peña-López, Federica Porcu
[ English abstract | Spanish text | Catalan text ]

The feasibility of incorporating the NPS indicator into the library environment. A review of use and a description of an experience || Antonia Reyes Rodríguez, Carina Rey Martín, Núria Balagué Mola
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Education for the use of quality sources : illusion or reality? || María del Carmen Cruz Gil
[ English abstract | Spanish text | Catalan text ]

How to fight fake news through information literacy? : challenges and training strategies in higher education || María Luz Antunes, Carlos Lopes, Tatinana Sanches
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Experiences and analysis

Information literacy in the fight against fake news : applying a learning object in a training programme for older citizens || Bruno Luce, Laura Valladares De Oliveira Soares, Lizandra Brasil Estabel
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