[Revista BiD] Issue 52 (June 2024) – Mental Health and Communication


Introduction to the special issue on Mental Health and Communication / Hibai López-González, Mark D. Griffiths


Playing with the narrative of mental illness: communication beyond serious empathy games / Melanie Kreitler 

Celebrity worship, social media use, and mental health / Mark D. Griffiths

The importance of self-development podcasts to improving mental health in generation Z / Nguyen Hoang Mai

The impact of short video addiction on self-identity: mediating roles of self-esteem and appearance anxiety / Runping Zhu, Huiting Yan, Zunbin Huo


Generative Artificial Intelligence for Journalistic Content in Ibero-America: Perceptions, Challenges and Regional Projections / Alexis Apablaza-Campos, Jaime Andrés Wilches Tinjacá, Ramón Salaverría

TikTok en las bibliotecas universitarias españolas / Roberto García-Bardón, Natalia Arroyo-Vázquez

Public Libraries as Shapers of a Youth Canon / Josep Maria Baldaquí-Escandell, Gemma Lluch

The Scientific Event as a Formative Activity in Postgraduate Studies: Perspectives from the Scientific Committee of the FORPED PPGGOC / Patrícia Nascimento Silva, Benildes Coura Moreira dos Santos Maculan

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