The Importance of Self-Development Podcasts to Improving Mental Health in Generation Z 

BiD 52 (June 2024)
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Objectives: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a global rise in mental health issues within Generation Z who has grown up in a digital age where social media platforms have become an integral part of their lives. Self-development podcasts can be a valuable resource for those, who are seeking support and guidance to improve their mental health and well-being on various platforms. However, there is a shortage of mental health professionals leveraging podcasts as a valuable tool for mental health education and support in the Vietnamese context. Therefore, this article takes the pioneering step by exploring the importance of self-development podcasts to improve mental health in Vietnamese Gen Z. Methodology: The research employs qualitative research, and data was collected through semi-structured interviews with nine content creators who produce self-development podcast programs in Vietnam. Results: The results highlight the role of self-development podcasts in improving mental health among Vietnamese Gen Z by analyzing how it is consumed and revealing the multifaceted impact of self-development podcasts on mental health among Vietnamese Gen Z.
Mai Nguyen-Hoang
Faculty of Public Relations and Communication. Van Lang University

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