Issue 35 (December 2015)



Research challenges: The pathway to engagement and progress || Lynn Silipigni Connaway

The challenges of training in Library and Information Science || Ernest Abadal


Library and Information Education in Europe: an overview || Ángel Borrego

Change and Innovation in European Library and Information Science Education || Sirje Virkus

Rethinking Library and Information Studies in Spain: crossing the boundaries || Virginia Ortiz-Repiso

New career opportunities and their impact on Library and Information Science degrees, an exploratory study || Terry Weech

Trends in library and information science research in Ibero-America and the Caribbean || Alfredo Luis Menéndez Echavarría, Aída Julieta Quiñones Torres, Adriana Jedsabel Ordóñez Paz, Liliana Margarita Herrera Soto, Carolina Rozo Higuera, Hernando Cruz Mesa, Leonardo Melo González, Yeny Magali Pérez Puerto

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The professional profile of the public librarian: a self-portrait || Maria Delmàs-Ruiz, Alexandre López-Borrull

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Assigning metadata to digital books in EPUB3. Part one: metadata in EPUB3 specifications || Miquel Centelles Velilla, Mireia Ribera Turró

Experiences and analysis

How to implement entrepreneurship in Library and Information Science Education: a Danish exemple || Michael Rene Kristiansson, Henrik Jochumsen

The scientific and technical e-book market in Spain || Irene-Sofía Romero-Otero, Patricia Jissette Rodríguez-Sánchez

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Crowdsourcing in the memory institutions: mass transcriptions || Mireia Alcalá Ponce de León

Rare book and manuscript collections in university repositories in Spain || José Luis Herrera Morillas

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The creation of Spain’s first interuniversity library: the Biblioteca del Campus Universitari de Manresa || Trini Riu Amblàs

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