Issue 37 (December 2016)



The evolution of the Web of Science from the Science Citation Index || Eugene Garfield

Eugene Garfield: innovator of the bibliographic control and entrepreneur with a cause || Cristóbal Urbano

"Participating in what? And for whose benefit?". Notes on collective participation and creation || Antoni Roig


"Translation by fans for fans": organization and practice in a Spanish scanlation community || María José Valero Porras; Daniel Cassany

How Mexican researches in electronics collaborate for publication: coauthors working in a network || Rocío Brambila Limón; Alma Cecilia Carrasco Altamirano; Rollin Kent Serna

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Characteristics of online collaborative writing of multimodal texts in a virtual training course || Karen Shirley López-Gil; Carmen Eugenia Pedraza Ramírez

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Fansubbing from Spanish to Chinese: organization, roles and rules in collaborative writing || Leticia Tian Zhang; Daniel Cassany

Evaluating the usability of user-centred catalogues: a model based on heuristics || Daniel Muñoz-Egido; Tony Hernández-Pérez

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Eduard Toda and the librarians in the laundry room: love, patronage and book restoration with your sleeves rolled up || Assumpció Estivill Rius

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Training in law and duty-based ethics in curricula for content curators || Alejandra Hernández Ruiz

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Preferences for course delivery in library and information science programs: a study of master’s students in Canada and the United States || Clara M. Chu; Fatih Oguz


The Text Encoding Initiative: a standard for representing the humanities in digital form || Rubén Alcaraz Martínez; Elisabet Vázquez Puig

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