Issue 34 (June 2015)


The knowledge hierarchy: does DIK really lead to W? || Julià Minguillón


Data journalism, infographics and data visualization: a study of El País, El Mundo, Marca and El Correo || Víctor Herrero-Solana, Ana María Rodríguez-Domínguez

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Emergency data management: a case study of fire management in the Catalan region of Alt Empordà || Eva Ortoll Espinet, Montserrat Garcia-Alsina, Agustí Canals

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Quantifying the self to live through data: big data applied to the personal sphere || Aina Giones-Valls, Ferran Giones

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Smart mobs as generators of big data: collective intelligence at the service of social innovation || Sandra Sanz Martos, Silvia Martínez Martínez, Pablo Lara-Navarra

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Information competence in Translation: an analysis of university students' habits in consulting and using sources of information || Pilar Cid-Leal, Remei Perpinyà-Morera

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Libraries in the daily press: the case of Spain || Anna Galluzzi

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Notes on the dissemination of venturós pelegrí in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: three editions printed in Barcelona and one edition printed in Lleida || Joan Mahiques Climent

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Experiences and analysis

Metadata for open data: an Uruguayan case study || Silvana Temesio

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Documental archives in advertising: Publidocnet, a centre for conserving Spanish documentary heritage in advertising || Juan Carlos Marcos Recio, Juan Miguel Sánchez Vigil, María Olivera Zalduar

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Tools for analysing bibliographic data and making knowledge maps: Bibexcel and Pajek || Alicia García-García, Alberto Pardo-Ibáñez, Antonia Ferrer Sapena, Fernanda Peset, Luis M. González

[ English abstract | Spanish text | Catalan text ] an enhanced display of search engine results and much more || Andreu Sulé

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