Issue 31 (December 2013)



The Quality of Information in the Web || Michael Buckland


Case studies in the quality diffusion of Catalan museums and museum collections on the Internet || Joan-Isidre Badell, Miquel Térmens

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The quality of official tourist destination websites offered by Spain’s regional tourism boards || José Fernández Cavia, Sara Vinyals Mirabent, Marina López Pérez

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Digital education and responsible behaviour: the gold standards for improving quality of medical and health-related information on the Internet || Carme Hernández-Rabanal

Webs 1.0 and 2.0 at Basque public online libraries in the province of Biscay || María Antonia Ovalle Perandones, Sonia Guardado García

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Use, acceptance and expectations for the ebook in a research library || Irene-Sofía Romero-Otero, Esperanza Iglesias-Fernández, Elea Giménez-Toledo

How users read concept maps: an eye-tracking study || Cristòfol Rovira

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Experiences and analysis

Responsive Web Design: multi-device design to enhance user experience || Daniel González, Mari-Carmen Marcos

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Technical implementation of a text-to-speech tool in Moodle: a pilot study at the University of Barcelona || Daniel Granados Montells, Mireia Ribera Turró

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In-service training and information strategies for introducing OpenCourseWare at the University of Valencia: the participation of potential users in the process || Lourdes Margaix-Fontestad, Aurora González-Teruel, M.ª Francisca Abad-García

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