A kitchen in the library: the Espai Cuines del Món at the Biblioteca del Fondo (Santa Coloma de Gramenet)

Detall del fullet explicatiu Cuines del Món-Biblioteca del Fondo (novembre de 2016). Foto: Mariona Chavarria

  [Versió catalana] [Versión castellana] Mariona Chavarria Domingo Library Director Biblioteca del Fondo Xarxa de Biblioteques de Santa Coloma de Gramenet chavarriadm@diba.cat   Abstract Dedicated to world cuisine, the Espai Cuines del Món of the library the Biblioteca del Fondo in Santa Coloma de Gramenet is at once a physical space and an ongoing cultural … Read more

Issue 38 (June 2017)

  Tribune Space in the academic library of the 21st century: trends and ideas || Les Watson Innovative architecture for the contemporary library || Ignasi Bonet Peitx Articles From enshrinement to dematerialization: the progress of library architecture during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries XX al XXI || Daniel Gil Solés [ English abstract | Spanish … Read more

Innovative architecture for the contemporary library

Figura 1. Biblioteca de Zutphen, Holanda (Autor: Turning Over A New Leaf. Llicència: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

  [Versió catalana] [Versión castellana] Ignasi Bonet Peitx Architect Library Architecture Unit Library Services Management Unit Barcelona Provincial Council bonetpin@diba.cat       1. Introduction: architecture and library A reflection on the architecture of the contemporary library requires first determining what defines the library at the present time, and the capability of architecture to meet … Read more

Space in the academic library of the 21st century: trends and ideas

Figura 1. Representació dels para-sols i iglús inflables del Saltire Centre, a la Glasgow Caledonian University

  [Versió catalana] [Versión castellana] Les Watson les@leswatson.net       1 Introduction “Between the birth of the world and 2003, there were five exabytes of information created. We [now] create five exabytes every two days” (King, 2013). One important consequence of access to this massive increase in information production is that it creates more … Read more

Working with the citizens: planning the new Helsinki Central Library

Figura 1. Serveis de planificació per a la biblioteca

This paper looks at Helsinki’s new city library, the Helsinki Central Library Oodi, which was launched by the Finnish Ministry of Culture in 1998 and will be opening its doors in December 2018. Located in the heart of the city opposite Parliament House, the Library has become one of the flagship projects celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence. This paper focuses on the practices of citizen participation which have been key in the planning of the Library since its very beginnings, and considers how including the citizens and library users in planning the Library’s new services and functions has promoted grass roots democracy, openness, and a feeling of ownership of the new library.