Issue 48 (june 2022)

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Storytelling, social media and life stories || Gemma San Cornelio, Antoni Roig
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Libraries before the health crisis of 2020–21. Results of a survey of winning libraries and finalists for the Social Library Foundation award || Pablo Parra Valero, Michela Montesi, Isabel Villaseñor Rodríguez
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Health foodies as health, gastronomic, and advertising influencers || Cristina Aznar-Íñiguez, Jesús Segarra-Saavedra
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Reporting and self-defence of sexual harassment and violence in Uber: history of users on Twitter and TikTok || Fernanda Pires, Júlia Vilasís-Pamos, Ona Anglada-Pujol, Maria-José Masanet
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Implications of the new practices of publication on digital media for the creation of personal digital storytelling || Marc Fuertes-Alpiste, Núria Molas-Castells, Jordi Quintana Albalat, Miguel Herreros Navarro
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"Yo creo que El Greco se está 'hasiendo' la 'vistima'". Transmedia and TikTok storytelling at the Prado museum || Álvaro Martín Sanz
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Experiences and analysis

Notes on a critical view of the Human Library within the social function of the public library || Sergi Draper Martínez
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A new challenge for the management of documents: the management of citizens' memory || Núria Postico Soler
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The Human Library in the Netherlands: a successful exchange of life stories || Anne van den Dool
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Omeka S as an alternative for the development of digital collections and digital humanity projects || Ruben Alcaraz Martínez
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Editors: Miquel Térmens and Jordi Sánchez Navarro

Direction: Núria Ferran and  Candela Ollé

Coordination of the monographic: Gemma San Cornelio,  Antoni Roig, Aurora Vall y Concepción Rodríguez Parada.

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